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Written by Allen Kleine Deters   
My last fishing trip with some pics in my latest blog "A Bad Day of Fishing is Better... But what if it's a GREAT Day of Fishing?.
Welcome to a Ragamuffin Voice
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Welcome to my site.  As with everything in life, it is a work in progress slowly taking shape as a place not merely as a personal resume but even more so as a site finding its roots in God's inertia.


Why a "ragamuffin?  Cause that's what I am... except by God's grace go I... 


ImageMy blogs may cover everything from my thoughts for the day to more serious, deeper revelations or personal ramblings.  What undoubtedly will come out is my conviction and passion to see God's people truly living in biblical community.  Forget this commune stuff, we have to live in our world representing Christ in every facet and nuance.... oops, there I go again.   You get the idea.


Oh yeah, and my family is important too, so you'll hear and see stuff about them.  Check out the image gallery.


I have recently taken a position as the senior pastor at Alamosa Christian Reformed Church in Alamosa, CO.  Surrounded by mountains and a view that just won't quit Freda and I are excited to establish a home here and minister with this wonderful congregation.  Their missional heart is enormous.


Thanks for dropping by.




PS.  If you're hear looking for a personal website, I am only doing special orders and Content Management Systems like Joomla.  With full time studies and working part time, I am a very busy man.  So contact me if you're looking and I'll let you know. 

Jim and Caspar go to Church
Written by Allen Kleine Deters   

Oh, O, O.  I came across this on Smallgroups.com (I have a membership) then checked it out on You Tube.  Jim, a pastor goes with Matt Caspar an atheist to 10 or 12 different churches around the United States then discuss their thoughts and responses to the services.  It is done in pleasant conversation, but it certainly is an eyeopener as to objective impressions of church.


They wrote a book by the same name.  But if you want some good discussion starters for your leadership team check these out.


Click "read more" and go to the videos.